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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Tips for optimizing search results

Common Issues

Below you'll find discussion on many common issues that may arise while searching for vitamins or supplements with the Vitaprice app.

Avoiding Retailer-Specific UPC Codes

Many retailers sell their own labeled brands. These labels aren't always assigned a standardized UPC code and won't always appear in search results from other sources. There's not much use in price-comparing one retailer's own brand, as they're likely to have the lowest price, but many such brands are also available on Amazon and may save on shipping. In such cases, it's recommended to do a keyword search as Brand Name + Product Title

Certain Retailer Omitted from Search Results

If you do not see an option for a product for a certain retailer, there could be any number of reasons for that retailer's omission in search results. Below are some common reasons:

  • Retailer uses a different UPC code
  • Retailer may not support UPC searches
  • Retailer may use very different name for product
  • Retailer may not include all products in search results everytime. Noted for certain brands.

My Barcode Search Didn't Return Any Results

Barcode searches are very convenient but require some careful consideration to be made while taking the picture. We recommend having the barcode take up as much of the picture as possible while avoiding any lens distortions that may make it appear to be curved. We suggest doing the following for each barcode image you search:

  • Use your camera's zoom feature to reduce lens distortion
  • Rotate your camera so that the barcode is as large as possible.
  • Avoid as many other types of codes such as CODE128 or QRCODE images that you can. Our system filters these out but isn't perfect.
  • Avoid camera angles where light is reflecting on the black areas of the barcode.
  • Use your camera's autofocus to ensure the image is as sharp as possible.

Tips & Suggestions

Below you'll find a discussion of tips on getting the best results from the Vitaprice application.

Make Keywords as Informative as Possible

Often, the same supplement will be given slightly different titles by retailers. Amazon.com for example, is often given very long title with many keywords such as brand name, health benefit, and even emojis (yes). To improve the quality of keyword search results, we recommend using a Brand Name + Supplement Name + Dosage + Count. An example Vitaprice Vitamin V 500mg 180 capsules.

Use Multiple Searches for Refinement

Keyword searches will result with UPC codes for each product. These codes can be clicked to then return a result set searching by that UPC code. In many cases, this will improve results by filtering out similar products or product variants. For example, one supplement may come in 90, 180, and 240 capsule options. A UPC search is likelier to return the most options.

Beware "Pack of #" Listings

Some products are sold in bulk and may include more than one bottle of the supplement you're searching for. Amazon.com is the likeliest retailer for this concern but others may offer such sales as well. These products often display prices that are much higher than other results and are usually labeled as (Pack of #) in there titles.

Didn't Find an Answer?

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